Okay I said it might be a while and it isn’t. One of the blogs on my blogroll has recently changed name to Unfinished Symphony but I for one am glad that the pictures continue to appear to cheer my day and weekly there is a gallery picture.
The Gallery is the inspiration of another blog Sticky Fingers when a topic is given each week to inspire or remember a picture you have once taken. Getting the camera out yesterday reminded me that my health problems had taken over to such a degree that I hadn’t sorted out my holiday photographs from April I knew somewhere in there, there would be one on the theme of water (this weeks theme) as we had been living across the road from the beach at Deal so I thought I might just join in.

I did think I would end up with one of the many sea scapes, or indeed my new blog header which is of the River Stour through Casnterbury but then I came across the one that heads this post, it is taken from the fountain grotto at the end of the maze at Leeds Castle, it seemed to hit a chord with how I am currently feeling. It was a cool and tranquil place after the heat of the day outside and the teenagers rushing round the maze, but it was also uncomfortable with only cobbled stoned benches. Water can be both life-giving but also life threatening; it can bring us refreshment but also make us miserable; it can warm our hearts but also chill our skin, for me at least so is this enforced rest.


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