What’s the Time?

While on holiday time took on a new meaning and it had nothing to do with what the hands of a clock or watch had to say.

We had time to spend doing things that took as long or as short as they took.  It didn’t even really matter that for the first three days I was too ill to do anything much, time moved on but it also stood still.

We enjoyed life at a snail’s pace getting there when we got there.

Enveloped in the peace and tranquility of staying in an apartment overlooking Walmer Castle with use of the gardens of an evening.

It would be a pure joy to open the door and return.

But we can’t return, well not immediately at least.  I am sure Hubby will be posting plenty pictures and tales of our travels over on his blog, as for me, well good old time will tell.


One thought on “What’s the Time?

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