Onward to Christmas

This afternoon I have spent a very pleasant time wrapping tablet in bright cellophane, tying ribbon and decorating the finished product with little wooden angels on as ‘H’ and I discussed mission.

The tablet will be distributed to the neighbouring houses of All Saints next week as we go carol singing up the street, there was some discussion about whether the tablet or the singing would be most appreciated!

Will people be sick of hearing Slade scream ‘Merry Christmas’ and not want to hear ‘tidings of comfort and joy’, or will it be just the thing to put them in the Christmas spirit?

Will people drop the pretty bag straight in the bin dubious about what it contains, or be touched by the gift and tell their friends and family about it?

Will the wooden angel become an annual addition to their Christmas tree, a tag added to someone elses gift, or kindling for the fire?

Will the bright colours warm their hearts or make them think ‘humbug’?

Will the ring on their bell or knock on their door, disturb their evening or make it?

Outreach and mission usually require a leap of faith, we don’t know what people’s response will be, but we are walking in well trodden footsteps.  Even God didn’t know what the response would be when the Christ Child was gifted to the world to show just how precious and loved we are.  God had previously tried and received a cool reception, however, God still went ahead and so will we.  We aren’t selling anything, collecting for anything or even telling them about our Christmas services (unless they ask) we are just going to spread the love and joy of the season by freely giving them a surprise gift – after all isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

If you would like to join in with the singing and for some ‘adult’ hot chocolate to warm us up afterwards, then be at the church on Tuesday at 7.15pm.


Please leave a comment if you wish.

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