Cheeky Little Number

For those of you who don’t read Hubby’s blog you might be unaware that he has a new car, somewhat different from the old one, a Fiat 500.  You might also be unaware but not surprised to hear that this week the trip over to Fife for work has been impossible so he has been working from home.  Which has meant that rather than go skating in ‘Baby’ I have been driving around in ‘Cheeky’ – yes much to my amazement and amusement he decided to name his car – who with front wheel drive and narrower tyres being on the corners of the car is far better in the snow than ‘Baby’ and her rear wheel drive and overhang.

Now there are few things that ‘Cheeky’ doesn’t have that the Jag did that Hubby bemoaned the loosing of, one being heated seats.  Can’t say I noticed the lack of them, but then fabric seats don’t get as cold as leather ones do, what I have noticed is that for a little run around it is very well equipped having lots of gadgets that ‘Baby’ doesn’t have – although having a sun roof that doesn’t open is not a patch on having a convertible.  I am reckon it was the gadget fest that sold the car to Hubby.  ‘Cheeky’ is fun to drive but not in the way that ‘Baby’ is.  Hubby might miss his heated seats, however, when ‘Cheeky’ starts making the trip over to Fife again and ‘Baby’ is once more my driving companion I will miss having the controls for the music on the steering wheel, having an ice warning (not that it is needed at the moment when it is so obvious) and miss having that feeling of satisfaction when the speedo and rev counter needles are aligned (The rev counter is inside the speedo).  On the other hand I wont miss keep being told by the car to change gear, apparently this feature is to conserve petrol, well maybe, but at one point I did find myself telling ‘Cheeky’ that if it was going to tell me it was icy outside it should realise why I was driving in a low gear and not keep nagging!


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