Gold Star and Wooden Spoon

Today I have been over in Edinburgh at a meeting and while I was out a delivery arrived.

Now you can see clearly who the delivery was from and more about that in a bit.  There are 8 not small boxes, as I was out the driver carted them down the narrow gap along the side of the house around to the back of the house.  Then he piled them up in a hidden spot and took the garden chairs to hide the boxes further.  I was impressed, really impressed so I phoned to let City Link know how good their driver had been.

Amazon on the other hand will not be getting such a phone call, this is what each parcel contains.

Yes that is correct lots of paper another smaller box with lots of paper in which is an 8oz jam jar!

Why, oh why didn’t they either just send the smaller box, or put all of them into one of the larger boxes?

Gold Star to City Link.  Wooden Spoon to Amazon!


3 thoughts on “Gold Star and Wooden Spoon

    • Initailly I thought I had other peoples books until I saw my name on all those boxes, then I got all excited and thought that maybe someone had fullfilled all the items on my Amazon wish list – which would have been heavenly indeed.


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