Sledgehammer to Crack a Nut?

East Dunbartonshire Council have embarked on a program in Milngavie.  On the surface it seems sensible but the more I think about it the more I wonder.

Last winter – do you remember last winter that one with all the ice and snow? – there were way more falls resulting in broken bones in Milngavie than usual, so much more that the council decided that they would resurface the pavements.  The fact that they decided to do the stretch outside of St Andrew’s on a Sunday morning; is another matter altogether.  They resurfaced the pavements and then decided that they should be resurfaced again with what they are calling a non-slip surface.  The surface is I am sure non-slip as it is rough and very untidy.  It looks like the job hasn’t been done properly, it will cause even the smallest of falls to cause a significant graze, it is uneven and so – in my opinion – will as likely cause more tripping than a smooth pavement would.  I am also pretty sure that if we had had this new surface last winter with the snow and ice hiding the non-slip surface and the salt bins empty, as they were, the number of falls would have been the same.  According to the men doing the work, it is taking them longer than usual because it the surface is difficult to lay, it is also far costlier than the usual surface.

Maybe just maybe supplying salt and employing someone to clear the pavements would have been money better spent.


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