Two Good Reasons

… not to get an electric car.

Driving home I was behind an electric car, as we travelled the car – which held the driver and passenger – got slower and slower until it was doing under 20 mph!  The road in question is hardly a hill more an incline (for those who know the area it was Craigdhu Road) the speed limit along that road is 40 mph, in my opinion that makes the car not much better than a bike, in fact that same bit of road often has cyclists on it and I think they would have been more than capable of overtaking it!

I said two reasons, the second is that it is down right ugly!  Go and look here.

Now, don’t get me wrong if they get a car right that doesn’t use petrol I would seriously consider it, the Tesla is getting there but way too pricy and even less practical than ‘Baby’.  The Lotus Exige is tempting, but not for everyday driving and again the price is an issue, as indeed is how to get the fuel, can’t help thinking I would end up putting petrol in it for convenience.   The PGO Cevennes Roadster Turbo is the one that might get me owning an alternative fuel car but not in that colour way and only after I have done a whole lot of saving.


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