God Given Distraction

Sometimes distractions can be annoying, sometimes they can be a relief, todays was a blessing.

While doing sermon preparation for Sunday’s sermon I was looking for the source and exact wording of a prayer that I was sure I had somewhere, actually I thought I knew exactly which book it was hidden in.  First flick through I didn’t find it, so after 10 minutes of flicking through other possible books I sat down and returned to the original book and started to be a bit more methodical.

An hour and a bit later I found it, but what a joyous hour and a half of distraction revisiting a book on early liturgy (one of my passions) which I hadn’t read in ages.

In case you were wondering what started this blessing off in the first place it was this:

O God Almighty, who didst cleanse the lips of the prophet Isaiah with a burning coal:  Cleanse my heart and my lips: so vouchsafe to cleanse me, of thy mercy, that I may be able to proclaim worthily thy holy Gospel: through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

St Ambrose

and if you are wondering why I wanted that, well you will just have to come along and listen on Sunday.

Please leave a comment if you wish.

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