Far From Plain Planes

Hubby over on his blog has posted about our trip to the Midlands Air Museum but he didn’t have pictures of one of the exhibits in particular that I do have so.  Go over to his blog to read about some of the planes and below you will see the Avro Vulcan B2 which as Hubby said was real treat to be able to go inside, plus a couple of other things he didn’t post.

Vulcan Indentification Plate

Rear Flight Deck Of Vulcan

Rear Flight Deck

Bomb Site on Rear Flight Deck

Flight Deck

Flight Deck

You could also peer in the bomb bay …

Bomb Bay

there was also a blue steel stand off bomb which would have been carried in the bomb bay, however the rear fin was too large to fit in with the doors closed so the underneath fan was folded back until the bomb doors opened.

Blue Steel Stand Off Bomb

One of the sweetest little planes in the world was hiding under the Vulcan’s wing.  The Vulcan was too cumbersome to defend itself so it could carry a gnat under the wing and then discharge it to chase any enemy planes.  No way for any pilot to get from the Vulcan to the Gnat so would probably have been a very scary ride for any pilot if it had ever actually happened.

Folland Gnat xk741 under Avro Vulcan B2 wing

The Royal Navy’s version of contra rotating tassels was also there the Fairey Gannet with its twin contra rotating blades.

Fairey Gannet T2 508 01

However I think Hubby had most fun playing in the Gloster Meteor Mk8 cockpit, then it actually got to press the buttons, flick the switches, push the peddles and wiggle the joystick.

Hubby Playing Pilot


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