Angelology by Danielle Trussoni

A conspiracy that goes beyond all other conspiracies, it spans millenia and cultures, from before the flood and tales of Orpheus through a Nazi filled Paris during WWII to New York as the turn of the latest millenium approaches.  Will you ever look at someone who is well over 6 foot again without wondering?  Will you ever feel safe around a group of people wearing black coats again?  Will you ever read passages of the Bible again without, wondering at least, if there is a hidden message in there for the Angelologists?  From nuns who gave up everything to a world-famous millionaire who helped them protect the one thing money just couldn’t buy, this is a  story about the beginning and possibly the end of the world.

I stumbled upon this first novel by Danielle Trussoni, by chance and as I have always had a soft spot for angels I decided to buy it, not knowing quite what I was getting.  As I read the first part I found myself still in the same state.  The first part sets the scene however much of it remains a mystery until later on.  The second part continued to set the scene, only it was a different scene and while it was more ‘novel like’ I was still somewhat baffled.  Then the book came alive with a page turning resolution.  It isn’t the best book I have ever read nor the best ever written, but it is far, far from being the worse of either.  The imagination and research are clear and it was no surprise to discover that while it was only published this year the film rites have already been snapped up.

Would I recommend it, yes, the story makes up for its failings.  It certainly puts Dan Brown’s tired old conspiracy well in the shade (btw it has nothing to do with that particular conspiracy).


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