A Preaching Workbook – David Day

When I was at the Preachers Conference ‘Breaking News’ I had the joy of spending one of my meals with David Day.  He wasn’t one of the speakers, but he was there and his humour and insight made for probably the best meal time of the conference.  At some point in the conversation one of his books, A Preaching Workshop, was mentioned, he was good-humoured about the plaudits people were giving it, including saying that if only it was that good as then there still wouldn’t be hundreds of them sitting in store rooms, I decided that I would buy it – after all if it wasn’t as good as everyone was saying it could always be used for this:

However I am here to tell you that it wont be being used for that purpose and it is probably the last thing that it ever should be used for.  I am in total agreement with Michael Baughen formerly Bishop of Chester who writes in the forward

‘I soon gave up noting the arresting phrases and quotes.  It is printed in black and white, but is very much in colour!’

If you are new to preaching, or like me been preaching for decades – boy that makes me feel old – then this book will entertain, educate, inspire and if you are anything like me, encourage you push the boundaries just a little further.

Go out and buy one, apparently there are loads sitting in stock rooms!


One thought on “A Preaching Workbook – David Day

  1. It is one of my all time faves and I keep meaning to get it out and give it a go again. I haven’t read it since I was a curate, green in the ways of sermon writing, and I remember it being so inspiring. Thanks for the reminder.


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