Conwy Castle

Conway Castle is another of Edward I’s castles in Wales and the last one we visited, before heading out of Wales.  Its construction began in 1283 and it was one of the very few Edwards’ Welsh castles that were completed in an incredible 4 years, however, maybe short cuts were taken as the massive stone arches which are still standing where added later to strengthen the roof and stop it falling in.

Conwy Castle with Great Hall Arch

Built on a craggy out crop with water on three sides it has imposing walls…

Conwy Castle Walls

with three bridges to reach it, from left to right the road bridge, the orginional castle bridge and the rail bridge …

Bridges to Conwy

Around the landward side are the meandering town walls.

Conwy Town Walls

Like Beaumaris Castle, Conwy Castle’s Chapel was still obvious with a grand apse.

Conwy Castle Chapel

Again we didn’t have long at Conwy Castle, although in this instance I don’t think we will go out of our way to visit again.  In my view the castle just wasn’t special enough to endure the birds and their mess again, although if I was in the area I would be tempted to take a wander around the town walls.


2 thoughts on “Conwy Castle

  1. The wall walk is really worth doing. Did you visit Plas Mawr? I like Conwy (both castle and town) much better than Caernarfon, though Caernarfon has the advantage of the Welsh Highland Railway.


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