The Bath Tower

While away Hubby and I stayed in another Landmark Trust property, this time The Bath House part of Caernarfon Castle and Walls.

The walls around Caernarfon like the castle itself were built in the late 13th century.  In was part of a Bath House although not believed to house the baths themselves, although since this period it has been called the Bath Tower.  In 1856 the North Wales Theological (later the St Mary’s) Training College, obtained the Bath House through the efforts of the Bishops of Bangor and St Asaph at a Crown rent of 4d a year.  The lower floors were used as a pantry and for the cleaning of shoes and knives and by 1871 the first floor was the chapel with stained glass being placed in what is now the kitchen and bathroom.  It became a private house in 1894 and was lived in until 1907 and ran into disrepair before Landmark Trust purchased it in 1967.  While several other of the bastion towers on Caernarfon town walls have been lived in, in the past, it is now only the Bath Tower that is habitable.

To be absolutely honest, I was a bit disappointed by this property, not because of the property itself or it’s situation which has many pluses, but because it was clad in scaffolding and netting, an entrance wasn’t available to us and men appeared outside our bedroom window first thing in the morning; if this had been my first Landmark Trust Property visit I wouldn’t have been recommending them as I have been.

Hubby was less perturbed by the pointing work than I was so you can read a more enthusiastic report about our stay there over at Hubby’s blog, for me I am just going to stick to the history and post pictures of the stained glass from when the first floor was a chapel (ps I slightly disagree with Hubby and Landmark Trust’s notion of floor counting I think it’s starts with a basement – I will explain my reasoning to anyone who is interested!)

The Bath Tower Kitchen Window

The Bath Tower Bathroom Window


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