La’s Orchestra Saves The World – Alexander McCall Smith

Another last today and that is the Book Group, unfortunately the book for this final fling was a bit of a damp squib.  An easy inoffensive read but lacking in any substance or direction.  If you are sitting on a beach somewhere it would kill a few hours, but even then there are others I would recommend first.

The good news however is that even though I am leaving the Book Group have decided that they will continue.


3 thoughts on “La’s Orchestra Saves The World – Alexander McCall Smith

  1. Good to hear the book group is continuing.

    I’ve gone off Alexander McCall Smith. I enjoyed some of the Ladies’ Detective Agency books at first, but was eventually put off by the bland and over-indulgent image of Botswana that he depicts. Botswana has one of the highest rates of HIV in the whole of Africa. Moreover, the traditional lifestyle of a significant part of its population, the nomadic hunter-gatherers of the Kalahari, is under threat from agencies which want to exploit their homeland and ‘resettle’ the inhabitants somewhere else.


    • When we read the No1 Ladies’ Detective Agency at our book club opinion was sharply divided and most strongly amongst those who had lived and worked in Africa some of whom found it unrealistic and patronising while others loved it. My feeling is that you might as well criticise the Miss Marple stories for portraying an unrealistic picture of Britain – it simply isn’t what this type of book is about.


    • Well this book certainly falls into the category of portraying an unrealistic picture of Britain, even those with some knowledge of Suffolk felt it was a caricature of the place rather than any kind of actuality.


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