Great Expectations – Charles Dickens

After reading ‘Mister Pip’ a couple of months ago the Book Group decided that it was time to return to one of the Classics and Great Expectations was the most natural choice.

While most of us had previously read it, none of us had read it within the last 20 years or so, which meant that each of us discovered things about it which we had forgotten.  We were all delighted to have been reacquainted with Joe, Herbert and Wemmick and even Jaggers, Miss Havisham and Magwitch found favour with us this time around.   While we all agreed we had all met at least one Estelle, Biddy and Mr Pumblechook in our lives, and in fact the later even managed to get himself into the sermon on Sunday, something which no doubt if he was real and had known about he would have been highly delighted about!

The moral tales and lessons scattered liberally throughout the book created much discussion and despite the characters individual failings come the final page there was only one person who we universally found disagreeable, namely Orlick.  We also decided that was down to Dickens writing and he was the only character who never saw the error of his ways and redeemed himself.

The humour and descriptive way of Dickens writing make even a long book like this easy to read, so all in all, if like me it is a long time since you picked up ‘Expectations’ then you also like we did might enjoy revisiting Pip’s story.


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