A Redbird Christmas – Fannie Flagg

This book is a favorite of a friend and when she discovered that I had never read it she urged me to do so, so I did.

It is indeed a charming book which starts by telling us the story of Oswald Campbell who having reached 52 his life behind him somewhat of a mess and nothing much to look forward to, visits the doctor to discover that he doesn’t even have much time to not look forward to either.  The doctor tells him in no uncertain terms he needs to get out of Chicago, so after an amusing couple of phone calls off he heads to the little town of Lost River which is full of characters which Fannie Flagg describes gloriously.  The story is not just about Oswald however, all of the characters of this small town are brought to life on the page and most are more than just secondary characters.  The history which has made the people who they are all comes into play as the climax of the story unfolds and the reason for the title is revealed.

It is a tale of self discovery, of friendship, of despair turning to hope, of trust and of the triumph that can come out of despair that comes when people work together in love.

Thanks Meg for recommending it, I endorse your recommendation.


One thought on “A Redbird Christmas – Fannie Flagg

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