Winchester Cathedral

Winchester Cathedral

Winchester was one of the Cathedrals we visited while on holiday a couple of weeks back.  Inside it contained something of an unexpected bonus, although the basic information must have been somewhere in my memory in a file labeled long forgotten.

Jane Austen Tomb - Winchester Cathedral

The unassuming tomb of Jane Austen, a plaque of a latter date has been added on the wall, but without the helpful leaflet handed to you when you arrive, you could easily miss this gem.

Actually Winchester Cathedral is full of gems.

From the Medieval paintings, like this one of Christ being taken down from the cross :-
Medieval Painting - Winchester Cathedral

to the stunning modern sculpture, standing all along in the crypt by Antony Gormley, Sound II.

Sound II - Winchester Cathedral

From the hidden glories of the candlesticks and altar in the St Andrew’s chapel, made from wood and embellished with copper :-

St Andrews Cathedral - Winchester Cathedral

to the more obvious use of damaged stained glass from every era and all over the diocese in some of their windows.

Stained Glass Window - Winchester Cathedral

And angels in stone,

Stone Angel - Winchester Cathedral


Brass Angel - Winchester Cathedralmosaic,

Mosaic Angel - Winchester Cathedraland stained glass.

Stained Glass Angels - Winchester Cathedral

Not to mention the ones in wood and fabric which we somehow managed not to get photographs of.

Like Norwich Cathedral which we later visited, Winchester Cathedral was in mid preparation for an event, increasingly in fact this seems to be the case when visiting Cathedrals.  While I understand the need for the extra revenue and the sense in shutting off areas to make sure that visitors don’t fall over cables or decapitate themselves on the strung wires, and also that unsightly extra seating has to be laid out before the forthcoming event; I also feel that Cathedrals, such as Winchester which have an admission charge, should also remember that those who are visiting are also helping with the upkeep of the Cathedral and I for one don’t like an hour plus of sound system testing accompanying me as I wander round a house of God.


3 thoughts on “Winchester Cathedral

  1. Hi there,
    We just spent 3 nights at Marwell near Winchester. We enjoyed the cathedral, and the staff were wonderful. Our guide was a super chap, a lady on the door equally helpful & the staff in the Refectory wonderful.
    When a school started to play a worship song, ah that was a bonus – it brought tears of gratitude to my eyes.
    On Thursday there was a play, on the Friday music to magnify Jesus.
    It was simply splendid.
    If you ever go again we’d recommend The Marwell Hotel & a walk up the Itchen (if you have time).
    Good to find a second lady blogger who like motoring! I have to confess driving is one of my passions….


  2. Forgive me for mentioning it, but I believe you must mean a “plaque of a later date” rather than a “plague of a latter date.”
    This is a most enjoyable presentation. Thank you!


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