The International

This weeks film offering was The International, considering what has been going on in the banking world during the recent past and the time it takes for a film to be written, cast, filmed and edited, this film is bang up to date.  Telling the tale of how an International Bank tries to control the debt of nations by getting involved in the arms trade.

Clive Owen (ladies, do you need any further reason to go and see it?) plays an Interpol agent who has tried, and failed, before to get to the bottom of what the bank is up to and bring people to justice.  This time he has DA Eleanor Whitman (Naomi Watts) to help him, but even with both of them on the case the power and influence of the back runs far and wide and the bank are prepared to go to any cost to stop them.

The suspense is kept going right up to the final scene and the images that are behind the beginning of the credits are telling and round of the story in a thought provoking way.  Worth seeing, but not for the squeamish as there is quiet a bit of blood (not all of it necessary) splattered throughout the film.


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