Reading, Listening, Watching.

The Virgin’s Lover‘ is another gem of a historical novel by Philippa Gregory.  I enjoy reading historical biographies but I also enjoy a good novel, Philippa Gregory mixes the two with such effortless ease.

I heard a snippet of a track by ‘The Bird and The Bee’ on the radio and decided to buy their album ‘Ray Guns are not Just the Future’ I am glad I did, although their tendency not to end songs but to just repeat the chorus until they finally fade it out started to grate a bit.  The track ‘Lifespan of a Fly’ is getting added to the list of songs to be played as people sup champagne after I am buried.

Pink Panther 2 – don’t bother – nuff said!


2 thoughts on “Reading, Listening, Watching.

  1. Philippa Gregory is banned at our book group because the group’s founder was one of two cub reporters with her many years ago and finds it hard to forgive Pippa for being so successful when she, Trish, worked so much harder.

    I have mixed feelings about her books, some of which I have found very good and others less so.


  2. I know what you mean about Philippa Gregory’s books. I also get slightly concerned at times that some people might not distinguish between the novel and the history. On the whole however I think she has managed to get it right and it would appear opened up history to those who otherwise might have shied away from it.


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