Just because last weekend I was too busy for us to get to the pictures, doesn’t mean we are abandoning out attempt to get to the pictures once a week, what it does mean is that we have to try and squeeze in another film at some time!  This time after debating over Benjamin Button, Valkyrie was chosen as the showing fitted better in with work and other plans.

Tom Cruise plays Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg in this well known tale of one of the last attempts to assassinate Hitler, maybe it is because we knew how the storyended, we both felt something was missing in the film.  Parts of the film were done extremely well, other parts had silly things wrong in them, like the satellite navigation system in the plane that Hubby spotted.  Eddie Izzard has a small but vital role in the film and in our view has proved himself as a very capable actor, in fact there is a mass of well known names in the film and although no one gives a below par performances somehow the film doesn’t quite make it past the mark of an acceptable film to watch on a snowy evening!


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