The Shack – William P Young

As coincidence would have it, I was given this book as a Christmas present and separately someone not knowing it was sitting on my desk, suggested we read it for the next Book Group which was held today.

Firstly it shouldn’t need to be said, but apparently it does as some believe it to be a true story, this book is a novel and a well written one at that.  It starts with us learning about Mack’s – the main character – ‘Great Saddness’, the abduction and death of one of his daughters.  I can not even being to imagine the turmoil that such an event would cause in the lives of all those who had known such a youngster, and understandably Mack is confused, angry and ridden with guilt over the death, exasperated by the fact his daughter, Missy, body is not recovered.  In many ways the novel starts as a murder mystery, but once Mack decides to follow the strange request of a mysterious letter the novel takes a whole different turn.  A turn which leads to the exploration of faith, sufferings place in the world, dealing with guilt, judgement and complex ideas like the Trinity.  Of course this book doesn’t have all the answers to these subjects, however on the whole it does deal with these topics in a refreshing and understandable way.  the book is peppered with humour, pathos and epiphany moments.

The consensus of the group was that we are not sure that everyone would enjoy it, but did think that there are very few people that wouldn’t benefit from reading it.


It transpires that west or east St Mark’s congregations where yesterday disscussing ‘The Shack’.  You can read what St Mark’s Portobello at their Book Group – Bookmark – thought here.


5 thoughts on “The Shack – William P Young

  1. It would appear a lot of people are, when it was announced we were going to do it at the Book Group several members of the congregation who don’t come along commented that they had or were currently reading it.

    Hope you enjoy it!


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