I Heard The Owl Call My Name – Margaret Craven

This book has been around for a long time (first published in 1967), but was unknown to me until someone whose opinion I value recommended it.  A relatively short book,you could easily read in one sitting if you were of that persuasion, at just over 130 pages it is about an Anglican priest who doesn’t know he is dying when his Bishop sends him to the Native American village of Kingcome in deepest wildest British Columbia.

The Indian way of life is changing, the youngsters are going into the white man’s country for schooling and the memories, stories, food and dancing.  The rhythm of the seasons has dictated life and the traditions for centuries, but now all that is in dying out as the younger generation turn their backs on the way of their ancestors and decided to stay in the white man’s world.  Into this unfamiliar world Mark arrives to polite hostility, he is shown respect but he is an outsider and will have to prove himself.  These are a proud people whose elders are in the positions there are because they in their turn have proved themselves with their wisdom, their work and their dedication to their people.

The story is gripping and I could hardly read the last couple of pages through my tears.  A stunningly beautiful little gem!


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