Australian New Year’s Resolution

Hubby and I this year made a late New Year’s resolution, that we would go to the cinema at least once a week today, being my day off, saw the first of the resolution taking place when we went off to see Australia.  The film while a tad long was a joy, parts of it reminded me of the film 10 canoes a film I thoroughly enjoyed, while other parts were reminiscent of a Western, and then still others of Pearl Harbour.  While there were a couple of places that seemed a bit slap dash it was on the whole a enjoyable film poignant and informative, amusing and shocking.  A film about prejudice, guilt, trust, friendship, identity, relationships and fear of change, change imposed from outside, it is a film which will probably stand the test of time and one of those films that I suspect you see something new in each time you watch it.


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