Quantum Of Solace

The new James Bond movie is out and yesterday Hubby and I made the short trip to the cinema to see it.  Neither of us were fans of the new song and titles and then the once the film began it appeared as if all we were going to get was a series of chase and fighting scenes without any kind of plot or story, not that those scenes weren’t done well, for they were done extremely well indeed.  One of the often shown trailers for the film is when two people go crashing through a glass ceiling.  That particular sequence which starts with a chase across roof tops and continues after the ceiling crash, was very clever and intricate looking like it had been choreographed with all the precision of a ballet, only far more violent than Swan Lake!  Thankfully the film didn’t continue in that vein and soon it started to live up to some of it’s hype.  However, despite there being some of the usual Bond stuff about, and despite it being a pleasant enough way to spend a couple of hours, somehow it didn’t quite hit the mark.  There was a distinct lack of story, in fact on reflection it felt as if the story was only there to link together the action scenes, the characters, apart from those already known to us, desperately needed to be fleshed out a bit more, personally I missed ‘Q’, while the light humour that Bond films are renowned for was, on the whole, missing.  Was I disappointed?  Well slightly, but not enough to put me off Bond, just enough to mark Quantum of Solace down as one of the lesser Bond films.


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