Doune Castle

Does it look familiar?  Well if you are a fan of Monty Python that might be why as in 1975 Doune Castle was one used as the setting for the scene ‘The French Gaurd’ from ‘Monty Python and The Holy Grail’.

It is a fine building and in the Great Hall is some furniture which was made out of the gallows trees that used to sit outside the Castle and was blown down in 1878.  The gargoyles, being in the shape of lions, would find a place at St Mark’s should the Castle ever want rid of them.

While the small chapel has a window for the servants to observe the celebrating and distributing of the sacrament, while they themselves would have stayed outside and not taken part.


One thought on “Doune Castle

  1. I remember visiting Doune many years ago when I was about 13, and I thought that it was absolutely wonderful – not ‘restored’ by the Victorians (I had been to a very fancy stately-home castle the same holiday which had been all heavy carving, Victorian furnishings and weapons on the wall and wasn’t at all to my taste – and all the ancestral portraits seemed to have squints), but very complete. Forty years since I went there, but then straight into the list of my favourite castles.


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