Something Different For The Weekend

Saturday saw the sun shinning as Hubby and I journeyed east to Edinburgh for the Taste of Festival and what a wondrous lot of tastes bombarded our taste buds.  From salmon with wasabi mash, to a new liqueur called kiss a mixture of strawberry and whisky – nuff said; from braised lamb with crushed new potatoes to St Germaine a fantastic elderflowerr liqueur; from sea bass with Thia noddles to glass after glass of free champagne; from antipasti to Xante a pear cognac; from wild boar burgers to Pimms and lemonade.  The list could go on and on but I think you get the picture.  Antony Worrall Thompson proved to be a very witty speaker, don’t know if he does the after dinner speaking thing but I have no doubt he could and would be very good at it, Tom Kitchen made us decide we really did need to get to his restaurant one of these days, and 4 hours just wasn’t long enough.

The something different didn’t stop there, after church on Sunday evening a few of us then went to see ‘Sex and the City’.  We laughed, we cried and we absolutely enjoyed it, you wouldn’t need to have seen the series to enjoy it however if the series wasn’t your bag, Louis Vuitton of course, then neither will the film be.  It has successfully made the cross over to the big screen by staying true to the characters, the style and the storytelling, however it isn’t some attempt to revisit the past, all the characters show the subtle changes that happens with life,  what this film does, and does very well is bring us up to date with Carrie and co now.  I was amazed however when in one shot the boom mic was clearly visible at the top of the screen, surely with the technology nowadays, even if they had only discovered it post production they could have used some computer wizardry to remove it, but then maybe they were too busy looking at the outfits, the bags, the shoes and the jewelry making sure that was right to notice such a utilitarian thing!


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