Saint Maura

As everyone in Scotland and probably Russia, who also has Saint Andrew as their patron saint, knows today is Saint Andrew’s day, but rather than blog about Saint Andrew again I thought I would tell you of a lesser known saint who shares this day, Saint Maura.

Only there isn’t an awful lot to tell, it is said that she was a virgin martyr who suffered in Constantinople in some unknown year, and that an island was named in her honour in the Ionian Sea, but that is about all that is said of her.  Although little is now known of her she must have been someone of great faith, otherwise the early church wouldn’t have remembered her at all, after all hundred’s of thousand’s of Christians went to their martyrdom something must have made her stand out.

Recently I was talking to a member of the congregation who has been suffering for Christ at her work.  One particular individual at her work seems to have decided that she is fair game for being harangued and taunted because of her faith.  While it is far from comfortable, at least her life is not at stake as it was for those early Christians, and still is for some who confess Christ as Lord today.  Today Christians still suffer, in different ways but suffer never the less, for and because of their faith, so it is good to remember not just the well known saints like Andrew but the countless others who were persecuted and remained firm.  Those like Maura whose name but little else is known of and those whose names are not remembered by anyone still on this earth but written for eternity in the Book of Life.  So when we in our turn have to face ridicule because of our faith we can gain strength from their example.


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