Second Time Lucky

Day off this week involved going to the pictures.

We went to see Ratatouille and I for one was a disappointed.  Although there were some fun moments in it, it lacked sparkle.  The story was somehow incomplete, almost like an outlined sketch than a finished product and while the premise was good it lacked substance.  I suppose basically it was an out and out children’s film without much for the adults that might be accompanying them.

Rather than go home disappointed, we went back out into the foyer and bought tickets for ‘Stardust‘.  That had sparkle aplenty.  It is a film that I feel that will stand the test of time and turn into a classic, there was plenty for the adults and children alike, the effects where wonderful, the story moved along nicely and had enough twists and turns to keep us fully engaged.  If I hadn’t known better I would have thought it was an ancient fairy tale that had passed me by until now.  Ian McKellar narrates the tale of Tristan Thorn (Charlie Cox) on a quest to cross The Wall and find a fallen star to try and win the heart of Victoria, while also finding his mother who he has just discovered comes from the land beyond The Wall, a land very different, a land of witches and lightening hunters, of unicorns and fallen stars who are beautiful maidens.  However he isn’t the only one in search of the fallen star, the King’s sons are looking for the stone she wears around her neck that knocked her out of the sky, and three witches are also on her trail for a far more gruesome reason.  There are wonderful performances by David Kelly (The Guard of the gap in the Wall), Michelle Pfeiffer (The Witch Lamia), Robert DeNiro (Captain Shakespeare), and Claire Danes (Yvaine the Fallen Star), to name but a few.  It comes across as a film which was fun in the making and young and old alike will doubtless enjoy this fabulous film, go and see it, I dare you to be disappointed.


2 thoughts on “Second Time Lucky

  1. The movie is excellent, never read the book will be intresting to see how the two marry up, there is always the risk of the one being a pale immitation of the other.


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