Well the Film Group certainly enjoyed this film, and I enjoyed seeing it again.  The beginning had echoes of this years F1 championship race – the Rookie, the Champ and the one who never quite makes it – battling out for the Piton Cup, even down to the point when the Rookie’s tyres failed!

Some of you might be thinking strange film for an Adult Film Group, after all ‘Cars’ is from the Pixar stable and they make kids films.  Well such thoughts might show why you should watch it as the film is all about preconceived ideas with regard to looks, age, and were status really lies.

Lightening McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson) – there are lots of fantastic names for the characters – is the Rookie, who gets lost on the way to the championship deciding final race, ending up in Radiator Springs a town on Route 66 that has been bypassed and fallen on hard times with the building of the new interstate highway.  There we get to meet Mater a rusty old pick up truck who likes tractor tipping for fun, Sally Carrera (yes you guessed it she is a porche) who owns the Cosy Cone Motel, the wonderful double act of Luigi and Guido who are big Ferrari fans to name but a few. Okay so it might not be the best Pixar film but it certainly one worth watching, the animation is excellent, there are plenty of laughs and at least one opportunity to shed a tear, and for the Paul Newman fans out there, you can listen to his mellow voice bring to life Doctor Hudson Hornet, who has a secret he wants kept hidden.


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