All Saint’s Fireworks

I think it is very fitting that All Saint’s Day and Bonfire Night should fall so close together.  Why?  Well because of fireworks of course.

There are Roman Candles, so named after the Roman Christians that were tied to a post, tarred and then set alight, supposedly to light Nero’s garden, although I would imagine the noise and smell would have meant a walk in the garden wasn’t too pleasant.

Then there is my favourite the Catherine Wheel, reminding us of Saint Catherine of Alexandria who was supposed to be martyred on a wheel, but was actually beheaded when the wheel apparently broke as she touched it.

Down through the ages saints have brought sparks of light to a dark world, just as fireworks bring then to a dark November evening.

Celebrating All Saints Day reminds us to try and be like fireworks too, even the smallest firework a hand held sparkler brings joy and light, so it doesn’t matter what firework we are as long as it isn’t the damp squib variety!


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