While We Are On The Subject

The subject of castles that is.

During our trip around Scotland for the first time in my life I took a trip on Loch Ness and so was able to see Urquhart Castle from the Loch for myself.  I was surprised at how invisible it seemed from a distance, with the dull light it blended into the surrounding views and suddenly was upon us.  We looked but we didn’t see Nessie, although if you happen to ever see Nessie and he is wearing a tweed cap take a picture quick, it could be Hubby’s.  In his enthusiasm to get a picture from the windy side of the boat it was whisked off his head and disappeared into the Lochs’ peaty depths.


From the Loch you can also see another castle hidden among the trees, the skipper of the boat did tell us what it was called but I have forgotten and can’t find a reference for it anywhere, if anyone knows I would be very grateful.


And to round off the subject, for now, I also got to see one of those other castles I have always wanted to but never managed to get to, Glamis Castle.  It is a fairy tale with those turrets from the front but very plain at the back and it also has it’s very own lion, far more fitting than a gnome!




3 thoughts on “While We Are On The Subject

  1. My only suggestions would be Aldourie Castle and the Aigas Field Centre – but both are pseudo baronial mansions rather than proper castles and neither is particularly where you describe.

    My cousin Robbie saw the Loch Ness monster nearly 50 years ago, and the funny thing is that his mother and all four older brothers and sisters were looking in the same direction and didn’t see a thing. What wonderful eyesight that three year old had!


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