Carnasserie Castle

This Castle is one of my favourites, every time I wander around it I add to my plans of what I could do with it if I were rich and owned it.  Built between 1565 and 1572 by John Carswell who was Superintendent of Argyll for the Reformed Church and from 1567 Bishop of the Isles.  At the head of Kilmartin Glen it has wonderful views, once you climb the hill on which it is sitting and all those spiral steps, it was partly blown up in 1685 but is still a solid and attractive building.








3 thoughts on “Carnasserie Castle

  1. Several years ago I was going rund Tattershall Castle with about a dozen small relatives and their friends, and I spotted on the then new information board that one of the mediaeval owners had been a D’eyncourt. I mentioned that their great-great-grandfather had always maintained that our family of Turners was related to that other Lincolnshire family the Tennyson-Turners who later became the Tennyson-D’eyncourts. Now despite my protestations that there wasn’t one scrap of documentary proof our two families were in any way, that even if we were related to the Tennysons we were certainly not related to the D’eyncourts, that all of us are descended from younger children for many generations, that only I bore the name of Turner . . . despite all this, they were all busy planning how they would get ‘their’ castle back from the National Trust, and how they woud restore and live in it once they were successful in this bid.

    It’s fun to build your castles in the air, isn’t it. What I want is a very small, cosy castle; how about you?


  2. Although this castle is hardly small and cosy at the moment it is what I would do with it that would make it such. The large tower I would leave as it is – maybe glazing it over to make an indoor garden – and live in the smaller part which has some sensible steps already in it. Making two floors and then hiding the roof inside the ruin so that it wasn’t seen from the glen. So ther would be a large-ish living space a couple of bedrooms and some storage. Although it is would be small and simple it would still cost a fortune to actually do it!


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