Flight Of The Phoenix

Most weekends we hire three DVD’s to watch, this weekend’s pick of the bunch was the 2004 remake of the 1965 classic ‘Flight of the Phoenix’

On the whole I am not a great fan of remakes; however this one is well done.  Both planes crash due to a sandstorm in 1965 it was the Sahara, while in 2004 it is the Gobi.  The 1965 film was set during the second world war, while the 2004 on is contemporarily set, the 1965 film had a spy, this one doesn’t have.  However all the rest of the components and character traits are there, they are just mixed differently, this is where I feel the film makes itself worthy in its own right.  Okay the ending is obvious, but it was first time around too, but due to the new mix the film seems fresh and is very watchable, although I doubt it will ever be the classic the original was.


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