The Invisibles

No not the film, that I was made to sit through a while back because David Bowie voices one of the characters, but the list of things which we are slowly, and not so slowly discovering we are missing since the re-development.

Some of them are things we never had, others are things which ‘disappeared’, still others are extras of things we now need because of our improved facilities and others are items which, now well over a year ago, we decided to replace as the ones then in use were well pass their best.  Of course we forgot about those items when we didn’t actually need them, and now hardly a Sunday goes past without discovering something else we now need again.  At this rate the list of incidentals are going to cost as much as the build itself.  Today it was signs, the woman from the firm we deal with, was very helpful indeed.  Even managing to suggest a cheaper option to something they didn’t actually do so as the list keeps on growing at least £40 has been saved along the way – that will pay for the extra paper towel holders we need!  So if any of you out there are planning a redevelopment remember the extras, they might be invisible on any quantity surveyors list, but they soon mount up.

By way, the film, harmless enough if predictable and I would imagine young children would enjoy it, as for me, well I don’t think I will be watching it again, let’s put it that way.


6 thoughts on “The Invisibles

  1. “Even managing to suggest a cheaper option to something they didn’t actually do….” If they dont actually do something then they wouldnt have a price on said item and hence they could not possibly suggest a cheaper option!


  2. Our Village Hall found that with quite a lot of things they could get a grant for an expensive option, but nothing at all for a good, but cheaper alternative.


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