This film adapted from the Ian McEwan novel is one definately worth going to see.

The music is stunning, Keira Knightley as C and James McAvoy as Robbie performances are electric, the cinematography is incredible, no wonder it is already being tipped as an Oscar contender.

The story revolves around Briony, and all three actresses who play her do so with a style which is mesmerising.  As a child Briony makes a mistake and the consequences have an impact far beyond what she realised or even understood as a 13 year old.  Her family is torn apart and she carries the mistake into her adult life finally realising what she has done and working out how to make it right again.  The story is one of twists and turns, of love, betrayal, friendship, war, despair, hope, sadness, desperation, deceit, amongst other things.  As for the ending, well go and see the film, the final twist in the tale is the stuff classic films are made of and rather than the fairytale stuff of Hollywood more like the reality of life.


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