Deja Vu

The first 10 minutes of this film, due to the way it has been filmed, made me for one wonder what was supposed to be going on, but if you stick with it this film well worth watching.

The film starts with a ferry full of people, including a children’s school party and navel families being blown up in New Orleans not long after the horrors of Katrina. The scene is one of utter carnage, distraught families who had just waved off passengers wail at the dockside, bodies are piled up and floating everywhere, burnt out cars and pieces of the ferry are dragged from the river. Who would do such a thing, especially to a city which has already suffered much? In what seems a separate incident the body of Claire (Paula Patton) is washed up down river before the bomb explodes but has her death got anything to do with the bomb on the ferry? Doug Carlin (Denziel Washington) sets out to investigate and is introduced to a secret government agency which operates ‘Snow White’ a machine which can look back four days into the past. The story gripped me, the juddering opening sequences start to make sense as the story unfolds, you start to have your own moments of deja vu as you wonder if you really saw something happening in the film earlier or not. It is suspense of the highest order, you think you know what is going to happen only to discover something subtly different takes place; right up to the very end the story compels you to find out which of the various scenarios that are possible actually pan out.

It is hard to say much about the film at all without giving away the story, suffice to say that if you are into the possibilities of time travel this one will get you thinking; if you are one of those people that think Big Brother is really watching you, this will probably add to your paranoia; and if you like films with happy endings … well watch it and see!


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