A Book And A Quiz

One of the things that had to be cast aside due to my op the other week was a planned visit to Channel 4’s Taste Festival at The Meadows in Edinburgh. For those of you who are unaware of what this event is all about it could probably best be described as a grand farmers market, with restaurants rather than farmers displaying their wares.

Being in no fit state to go and not wanting the tickets to go to waste my brother and a friend were dispatched to go and enjoy it in our stead, and enjoy it they did, bringing back a goodie bag for the us who missed the culinary delights. One of the items in the goodie bag was a book by Hugh Fearnley-Whitingstall called ‘Hugh Fearlessly Eats It All’. Over the past weeks I have been dipping in and out the book, it is basically a collection of articles he has written for various publications, it makes for good reading especially as it can be read in chunks. Having just finished the book I thought I might blog about it and share a few witty lines with you but instead I have decided to encourage you to go and beg, borrow or buy your own copy and for a taster go here to the River Cottage website which has the quiz contained in the back of the book, and see how you get on. I got 22 out of 28, but a couple of them were lucky guesses.


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