Music, Pain And A Jane

To start a health update – the pain and bruises are fading although it is still very uncomfortable to be in any one position for long and painful to sneeze, cough, laugh or hic-up! The wounds are healing nicely and I no longer need to remind myself not to walk with a hospital stoop.

Yesterday I spent much of the day sorting out music. Hubby and I between us have a very large music collection most of which is on a very large memory mp3 player. However for my hospital stay Hubby bought me a ‘nano’, just in case I had to stay in longer than anticipated, and then to use in ‘Baby’ I don’t like using the ‘zen’ in her and didn’t want to take something that big into hospital. To make life easier and to save space on the computer, all our music is stored on an external drive and I do mean all, there was some real rubbish on there. So I have taken this joint opportunity – time on hands and new software requirements – to arrange a cull. In doing so however I have also been re-united with some music I haven’t heard in a long while; Sally Oldfield, The Little River Band, Montgomery Gentry, Bic Runga and a fabulous cd by the nuns at the Priory of the Resurrection, New Hall called Eternal Light; can you guess what might be on the nano?

What about the Jane bit in your title of this post I hear you ask, I do hear you ask don’t I? Well the Jane bit might be more accurate as Doris, but it doesn’t rhyme! Yesterday for my DVD entertainment I moved over from Audrey and had a bit of a Doris Day day, nope not her most famous Jane of the calamity variety but Jane Osgood in ‘It Happened to Jane‘. Don’t ask of course I would recommend it, ‘Jumbo’ is the only one of her films I wouldn’t!

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