Judus And Charades

Two further DVD’s were removed from the pile yesterday one of them an Audrey Hepburn classic, ‘Charade‘ (which I hadn’t seen for a long time) – I had to watch a full length film of hers after the teaser that ‘Always’ gave me, and also for some light relief after watching ‘The Gospel of Judas‘ a National Geographic DVD.

I have been reading, on and off, the Gospel of Judas and happened to mention it to a member of the congregation who lent me this DVD, it is the story of how they came to verify the books authenticity, but also has some other interesting theories in it. Oh and a little nugget I didn’t know, apparently it is illegal in Germany to call a child Judas! If you are someone who is interested in the early church it is worth watching, if you aren’t then don’t bother.

‘Charade’, co-starring Cary Grant, and set – as the majority of her films are – in Paris, is definitely worth watching, it is a tale of intrigue and espionage, but then as a fan of Audrey Hepburn I might be biased.


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