Dundonald Castle

We actually visited Dundonald Castle before I went away, but as I have been so busy I didn’t have the time to post it onto my blog, now as I await yet more printing – which needs to be supervised – I thought I would catch up and post this over due item.

Dundonald Castle in Ayrshire is one of my favourites. It is supposedly where King Richard II died, and he could have hardly picked a finer place to spend the end of his life. No doubt he thought so himself as it was he that instigated it’s building in 1371. It is an impressive solid, typical Scottish Castle, square and rather plain, but grand never the less. On a clear day, the views are stunning with even the distant Paps of Jura being clearly visible. It has a spectacular Great Hall which unfortunately no longer has a roof at the top, once it would have had a similar ceiling to that of the wonderful stone barrel vaulted ceiling below in the Low Hall which once sheltered Kings, Queens and Princes as they ate.

Dundonald Castle 01

Dundonald Castle 02

Dundonald Castle 03

Dundonald Castle 04

Dundonald Castle 05

Dundonald Castle - Great Hall


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