Three Castles

Adrossan Castle was only seen from afar but is clearly visible as the red square building other pictures of it can be seen in a previous post:-

Adrosan Castle From Afar

Law Castle is West Kilbride we got closer too but still didn’t have an oppotunity to visit on this occassion:-

Law Castle

It was to Potencross Castle we were heading. Portencross was once a harbour of some importance. Arnele Castle, and its successor, Portencross Castle was the focal point of the harbour and hamlet at Farland Head, overlooking the Firth of Clyde. Rich in history, Portencross is reputed to have been the last mainland resting place for bodies of former Scottish kings – (Kenneth MacAlpin to Malcolm Canmore) before they were ferried to the island of Iona for burial. The present castle was built in the reign of Robert II, 1371-1390. Robert II and Robert III must have been frequent visitors of Portencross, and signed many charters there as they travelled between the castles of Dundonald and Rothesay. Robert II is believed to have used the castle harbour on route to his coronation at Scone in 1371. The castle’s roof blew off during a violent storm in 1739, but its walls remain intact. Four stories high, the interior features a barrel-vaulted ceiling, two kitchens and a circular staircase, although it is not possible to get into the building and see them. Although abandoned for nearly 2 centuries it t is remarkable well preserved (although the stonework had been badly eroded by centuries of winds and sea spray), and is a tribute to the quality of materials and craftsman’s ship that was used in its building. And the icing on the cake has to be the veiws!

Portencross Castle 01

Portencross Castle 02

Portencross Castle 03

Portencross Castle 04

Portencross Castle 05

Portencross Castle 06

If you fancy waking up in the morning to those views and a castle on your doorstep and have £350+k to spare then a cottage beside the castle is for sale if you buy it please can I come and stay!


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