Dress Up For School

On Wednesday a small village called Bishnupur, nearly 30 miles south of Calcutta, was touched with some Hollywood magic.

Now there are those that often pour scorn on Fame and its trappings, but in that village they have much too grateful for that very thing. In a village were poverty is rife and even schooling was a luxury, the sale of one dress has meant a new school has been built and a generation of children can look forward to a better future. The City of Joy Foundation had the dress auctioned in London last year, the dress in question, the one worn by Holly Golightly – that is Audrey Hepburn – in the opening scenes Breakfast At Tiffany’s, the epitome of the little black dress! Audrey got so disillusioned by her own fame and the trappings that surrounded her that she shunned Hollywood while still at the height of her career to work as an Ambassador for the United Nations, in particular with regard to children’s issues. Even as she did that work I doubt she could ever have imagined that her dress would one day provide the funds for the schooling of so many children, with other items of her clothing raising even more money which will be used to build other schools in the region.


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