Mugdock Castle

Mugdock Castle has a long history and added on to down through the years, it was in use as a family home until 1945 and rather than deny it’s most recent past I enjoy the fact that the range and Anderson shelter have been left. Some may scream and say they should have been removed, but I disagree, they are part of the story of the castle, and if everything that wasn’t ‘original’ was taken out of castles then what would be left? Most castles have been added to and rebuilt down through history it is part of their nature and part, I think, of what makes them so fascinating.

Mugdock Castle 01

Mugdock Castle 02

Mugdock Castle 03

Mugdock Castle 04

Mugdock Castle Old Cooker

Mugdock Castle Anderson Shelter

I am presuming that these stones, now covered in moss and lying near the castle, once made up some of it’s walls, it is surprising to see them still here and not ‘borrowed’ for some other building project!

Mugdock Castle Fallen Stones


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