Craigend Castle

Craigend Castle which is a wonderful ruin being slowly re-claimed by nature. I have mixed feelings about the fact nothing is being done with it; however I fear the damage has already been done and removing the trees would only make the structure less sound. And even though it is surrounded by barbed wire and heras fencing it is still very beautiful.

Craigend Castle 01

Craigend Castle 02

Craigend Castle 03

Craigend Castle 04

Craigend Castle 05

Craigend Castle 06

Craigend Castle 07

And here is a picture I found of how it once looked.

Craigend Castle Before Ruins


3 thoughts on “Craigend Castle

  1. dear sir/madam,visited mugdock for the first time today and also share your views about this once grand piece of history and was sad to see this castle in ruin.went home and spent 4 hours trying to research its history and ownership through the years,what happened between 1950s till present day seems a bit of a mystery?was it vandalised set on fire shame really,many thanks for your views and pictures


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  3. This was the home of Sir Hugh Fraser former owner of harrows and the house of Fraser .the house was bought by Arabs in the early 80s and sadly left to ruin


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