Bothwell Castle

Yesterday I decided it really had waited too long, and as the weather – at that point was fine – took out my new camera – a Christmas present – to try it out, the destination nearby Bothwell Castle.

Bothwell Castle built from red sandstone, but never completed is on the banks of the River Clyde. Built by Walter of Moray in the 13th century the aim was to make it Scotland’s finest Castle and the masonry work attests to this. The Black Douglasses took possession of the castle in 1362, and repaired and extended the buildings and their work is the substantial part of what remains today.

Bothwell Castle 01

Bothwell Castle 02

Bothwell Castle 03

Bothwell Castle 04

Bothwell Castle 05

Bothwell Castle 06

Bothwell Castle 07

Bothwell Castle 08

Bothwell Castle 09

Here is a roof boss which has long fallen from it’s place:

Bothwell Castle Roof Boss

There is a spiral staircase which you can walk up, the underneath of it has been untouched for years!

Bothwell Castle Staircase

All over the Castle there are the signs of years of Scottish wind and rain eroding the soft red sandstone:

Bothwell Castle Errosion


2 thoughts on “Bothwell Castle

  1. Thank you for such a wonderful tour of our Bothwell Heritage! I am Karen Farley-Farrer the oldest Granddaughter of Roy Leon Bothwell of Texas USA, oldest daughter of his daughter JoNell Bothwell-Farley (one of 5 girls). I am a genealogy researcher & treasure finding individuals that have actually been able to visit these wonderful landmarks in person! Someday I hope to have the pleasure of touring your beautiful country in person.


  2. Hi Karen, thanks for popping by and commenting. Bothwell Castle is a wonderful place and one I am lucky enough to stay close to so visit often. I hope you will one day get the opportunity to visit it for yourself.


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