Get Your Chips Ready

He might look different, he might talk differently, he might even act differently, but Bond was back big style.

Last night venturing out into the rain, for the local premiere, I took my seat to watch Casino Royale.

From the opening credits – which in true Bond style were stunning and clever; to the final scene – with Bond standing gun in hand introducing himself with those famous lines; classic Bond was back, bigger and better than ever – and yes I am including Sir Sean in that.

I had fallen out of love with Bond films, this one has made me rethink that stand, and apart from a couple of bits that were laboured it was just over two hours of some of the best cinema in a long time.

Style and sophistication are in abundance, Aston Martins are there to drool over and weep for – I could hardly look as one crashed, stunts are amazing, the cinematography is fantastic, Daniel Craig is there to please us ladies and prove speedos can look good, Judi Dench champions those of us who can only ever yearn for the looks and body of Eva Green – who is absolutely stunning.

You don’t need to be a James Bond fan to love this film, and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear its name mentioned more than once when Oscar time comes around again.


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