Past And Present

One of the days of our holiday was spent at Silverstone where we revelled in classic cars giving us some fantastic racing. It was the kind of stuff that F1 has been failing to give for at least a couple of years now. As the classic cars from past years raced around the track, we were treated to the full joys of racing, cars overtaking each other, spins and burning rubber. On virtually every lap of every race there was overtaking which had us cheering the drivers on, or spins which had us urging them to get the car back out onto the track. It was true sport, people enjoying themselves out of love for the cars and the sport first and foremost.




We had a fantastic day and both left wondering why F1 was no longer as much fun – until today – the Hungarian Grand Prix just proved to us that F1 can still be fun. Give the cars a bit of rain so that the drivers have to slow down and race instead of engage auto pilot, and sheer enjoyment flowed. Okay, okay so I might be over simplifying it a bit but, lets be honest driving an F1 car today is as much about computers as fitness. Back in the days of the classics it was man and machine against the track and the elements – plain and simple. If a bit of rain, along with the uncertainty of whether or not there might be some more, is what it takes for F1 to regain some of its fun, then I for one will be doing a rain dance before the race in Istanbul in 3 weeks time!

The icing on this particular F1 cake?

The fact that Jensen finally got his well earned first F1 victory under his belt – well done Jensen – although I am sure you are too busy celebrating to be reading this!


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