Saint Mary Magdalene

Who was Mary Magdalene, was she the wife of Jesus, the mother of his children, or the Holy Grail, as The Da Vinci Code claims? Or the repentant prostitute of Jesus Christ Superstar, throwing herself at the Master’s feet and singing, “I Don’t Know How to Love Him”?

According to Scripture, Mary Magdalene was neither.

Mary Magdalene displayed the highest qualities of fortitude in moments of anxiety, courage under trying circumstances, love that could not fail, and humility and unselfish devotion to the Jesus. She was among the faithful sisters who financed the Lord’s work “out of their own means” following Jesus wherever he went. Her faith is a monument to the healing power of Jesus. Her action in serving Him in life and ministering to Him when the mob had turned against Him and had finally left Him in the grave alone is characteristic of woman in Bible history at her best.

What a magnificent commission her was, to be a witness to Christ’s conquest over death and to be the first to go forth to tell others that she had seen the Lord!


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