House Guest Day #14

Decided to let Angus have a run about tonight before putting him to ‘bed’ for the night, his holiday here is nearly over, so thought he deserved a treat, apart from the parsley, which he absolutely loves!

Give him the whole of a garden to run around, not the world’s largest garden by any means, but the whole garden never-the-less and what does he do, but simply patrol round and round the perimeter – which we had made sure was rabbit escape proof before we started by the way. Eventually he got a bit more adventurous and was soon bounding all over the place, although as soon as I got the camera out He decided He preferred the decking.



I will miss the little fella when he goes home but not as much as Hubby will. The two of them have done some serious male bonding, on more than one occasion I went out into the back garden to see Hubby sitting on the grass talking to Angus and Angus, nose twitching, seeming to respond or at least listen to him. Then of course is the whole grass cutting thing, which will have to resume now that Hubby doesn’t have a mate to keep it in check for him – although to be honest one rabbit wasn’t enough to keep the grass as short as I would have liked. Wont miss the rabbit droppings tho!


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