Holding Cross

Yesterday I was a given a gift, something that until a member of the congregation asked be about a couple of weeks back I hadn’t heard of, a holding cross.

She had asked me about it as a friend of hers, whilst staying in hospital had lost hers, and she was wanting to replace it for her. She finally managed to track down a new one and while buying one for her friend, kindly bought one for me also. It is a wooden cross that is deliberately shaped to be held in the palm of ones hand and whose arms are therefore uneven, the leaflet that came with mine says it beautifully – “A holding cross is designed not so much to look right as to feel right.” The leaflet also has this simple prayer that could be said ‘As I hang on to this cross, Lord, hang on to me.’ Of course part of the beauty of the idea is the fact that words are not needed, the act of holding the cross should bring comfort.

It is a beautiful idea I wish I had known about them sooner as I have known several people who I am sure would have appreciated one, as it is I am now off to find them on line so I can always have one ready to give should the time arise again.



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